Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whom to trust?

I was waiting for “Auto Riksha” in Powai, Mumbai. All of sudden an auto stopped nearby and a lady inside called me to come near to listen. I thought let’s see what she is asking…She asked me in English: “Excuses me, Can u do a favor to me? I am running out of money and need to reach school to pickup my kids. Please help?”

I was not sure what to do…..Generally I avoid this…..I said No and went away. On the way I was feeling bad and forget in few days

Another day I was waiting for “Auto Riksha” some other location and same “Auto Riksha” stopped and asked same thing….”I said wow!! Do u remember me?? I know you very well”. She asked Auto driver…Chal Chal.

I was feeling better then….keep thinking what should I have done?

I should have noted down the Auto Plat number and complained in local police station

I should have shouted and tried to catch them

I should have published an article in local newspaper to warn people

Let me know what should you have done in this situation??

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Goal: Become a KIVA Field Partner (MicroFinance Institution)

Kiva enables microfinance institutions (MFIs) to raise 0% interest debt capital directly from social investors worldwide using the Internet. Since launching in October 2005, Kiva has grown to over 93 MFI partners in 42 countries.

In order to become a Field Partner with Kiva, a microfinance institution must, at a minimum:

  • Serve at least 1,000 active borrowers with microfinance services
  • Have a history (at least 2-3 years) of lending to poor, excluded, and/or vulnerable people for the purpose of alleviating poverty or reducing vulnerability
  • Be registered as a legal entity in its country of operation
  • Have at least 1 year of financial audits
  • We also prefer an MFI have a profile on the MIX Market (

Kiva doesn’t have any Flied partner in India. G Fundacion India goal is to become Field Partner in India and empowering Indian poor entrepreneurs to lift themselves out of poverty.  Join lending team, we can work together to alleviate poverty in India.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Join the G Fundacion India team at Kiva

Recently I went to Las Vegas for "New Leader" training. We stayed in "The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino at the Venetian". Before going for gambling, we decided to donate half of winning money. I won $550 and was looking for right place to donate. Fortunately I found, best place to change the life of poor entrepreneurs and reduce the world poverty. Now I decided to invest small % of my salary to every month which help poor entrepreneurs without losing my principal money. I created this team to expand this idea. Please research and join the Team.

If you join my lending team, we can work together to alleviate poverty. Once you're a part of the team, you can choose to have a future loan on Kiva "count" towards our team's impact. The loan is still yours, and repayments still come to you - but you can also choose to have the loan show up in our team's collective portfolio, so our team's overall impact will grow!

Check out the G Fundacion India lending team, and learn more about lending teams on Kiva in general, by clicking here:

Amit Garg