Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whom to trust?

I was waiting for “Auto Riksha” in Powai, Mumbai. All of sudden an auto stopped nearby and a lady inside called me to come near to listen. I thought let’s see what she is asking…She asked me in English: “Excuses me, Can u do a favor to me? I am running out of money and need to reach school to pickup my kids. Please help?”

I was not sure what to do…..Generally I avoid this…..I said No and went away. On the way I was feeling bad and forget in few days

Another day I was waiting for “Auto Riksha” some other location and same “Auto Riksha” stopped and asked same thing….”I said wow!! Do u remember me?? I know you very well”. She asked Auto driver…Chal Chal.

I was feeling better then….keep thinking what should I have done?

I should have noted down the Auto Plat number and complained in local police station

I should have shouted and tried to catch them

I should have published an article in local newspaper to warn people

Let me know what should you have done in this situation??

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